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Easy Breathing



Respiratory stress is a common fact of life for the modern horse.

Stabling, forage and indoor schools can all harbour dust and fungal spores which accumulate in and irritate the sensitive

lining of the lungs and respiratory tract. In the wild, horses had free access to a wide range of herbs, shrubs and trees that

they could self select to meet their requirements. With the limited species variation in modern pasture,

this is no longer possible. Easy Breathing is designed to improve the diet by re-introducing natural

herbal variation in order to support lung health. Easy Breathing includes althea, garlic and aniseed, all well known for their traditional

roles in a healthy respiratory system. Easy Breathing is suitable for the maintenance of healthy lungs in all horses and ponies.

For optimum lung function see Respirator Boost and Respirator.

Sizes 1kg, 3kg

Also available in a liquid form