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Respirator Boost


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Five Star Respirator Boost

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When speed counts, powerful Respirator Boost provides the ultimate blend of nutrients to support respiratory

immunity and clear the way for optimum lung function. As naturally athletic animals, the horse’s lungs have

evolved for maximum efficiency in flight from predators. The pressures of the modern equine life, such as stable bedding,

dried forage and enclosed areas can be acutely detrimental to these large, delicate organs. Research shows that by

supplementing the diet with naturally sourced antioxidants the horse’s lungs can be given valuable support.

Respirator Boost contains a concentrated solution of natural antioxidants. Respirator Boost provides the unique herbal support

of Respirator in tincture form for optimum speed of absorption. Targeted immune support maximises Respirator Boost’s actions,

with natural essential oils of eucalyptus and clove to aid natural drainage. Respirator Boost is most efficient when fed daily for

an initial two week period, after which Respirator may be used for daily maintenance. Respirator Boost is also ideal whenever

optimum lung function is required, such as for peak performance.