Senior pink Powder

Senior pink Powder


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in the Pink Senior


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OAP Performance. In the Pink Senior is especially formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of the older horse and

is designed to give him all the support he needs to stay active and feeling forever young. In the Pink Senior helps balance the

diet and the digestive system, which enables the horse to maximise the value of his feed intake. It provides pre and pro biotics

for optimum support of the gut, and supplies all the vitamins and minerals required by the older horse for all round health.

In the Pink Senior supplies a unique combination of naturally sourced antioxidant ingredients to flush excess toxins from the system,

as well as providing nutrients to support joint health. It also supports a youthful spark in the older horse in response to the selective

herbal content of the formula. In the Pink Senior is recommended for all older horses and ponies, whether signs of age are obvious or not.