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D itch


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Specifically formulated to help the horse fight unpleasant spring and summer skin conditions.

Seasonal nuisances, such as midges and flies, can be more than just an irritation for some horses and ponies.

Seasonal skin disorders are distressing for both the affected animal, and the owner.

By improving the diet we can support the horse's own natural defences. D-Itch provides a unique blend of scientifically verified,

naturally sourced antioxidants to efficiently flush out the build-up of toxins associated hypersensitive reactions.

D-Itch also includes herbs and nutrients to support strong healthy skin from within.

Feed D-Itch as part of your overall management, which should include stabling the horse through dawn and dusk,

and turning out away from standing water sources. We also recommend applying D-Itch Ointment,

NAF OFF Deet spray and washing with Teatree Oil Shampoo. For optimum support start improving the horse's diet

with D-Itch prior to the onset of midge menace, to allow the key nutrients to become assimilated within the system.