Arden Grange Light

Arden Grange Light


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Sizes 2kg, 6kg, 12kg

  • Maintenance of Optimum Weight & Condition – With fewer calories, it can aid in weight reduction and the treatment of obesity;

  • The addition of L-carnitine (an amino acid) helps to increase the conversion of fat to energy and helps maintain lean body mass.

  • Fibre (from beet pulp and linseed) adds increased dietary bulk which aids satiety and avoids feelings of hunger.

  • Digestive Health – Prebiotics may help to promote the beneficial intestinal flora and limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

  • Nucleotides (natural short-chain proteins derived from yeast) may be of particular benefit to the overweight dog since

  • they enhance metabolic function, allowing optimum levels of nutrients to be absorbed and utilised by the body.

  • Joint Care – Arden Grange Adult Light contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin in order to help to protect the joint cartilage.

  • The diet is also supplemented with MSM (an ultra pure form of sulphur derived from pine bark). This has many benefits including

  • anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief. The combination of these ingredients makes this diet ideal for the overweight dog

  • whose joint cartilage may be under more strain from carrying excess weight.

  • Immunity & Disease Prevention – All Arden Grange diets are fortified with the antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E, an organic from of selenium and

  • beta-carotene, as well as rosemary oil and yucca extract. These powerful natural antioxidants may help to combat the harmful effects of free radicals from which the obese animal is more at risk.

  • Recommended for:

    • Dogs aged 1 + years

  • Can also be used for:

    • Senior Dogs aged 7 + years

    • Dogs requiring a lower protein or fat diet

    • Dogs needing to lose weight

    • Dogs that have a less active lifestyle