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Horse wormer

Ready to administer oral paste for horses and other equines. Each 28.5g Syringe contains 11.4g pyrantel ebonate as active ingredient.


For the treatment and control of adult infections of Large and small redworm, ascarids and pinworms found in the

gastro-intestinal tracts of horses and other equines.

Embotape treats and controls tapeworm when double dosed

TREATS upto 600kg horses

safe for horses and ponies over 1 month of age, including suckling foals, pregnant mares and stallions.

Impaction of the small intestine may occur in foals heavily infected with ascarids.

Colic symptoms may be seen as soon as 30 minutes after treatment

Dosing programmes

During the grazing season, all horses over 8 months of age should be wormed with embotape every 4-6 weeks.

For the remainder of the year, horses should be wormed woth Embotape every 6-8 weeks

New horses and horses which have spent winter inside, should be wormed with Embotape and then kept in for 3-4 days before turnout.

Mares and Foals

Mares with foals should preferably be grazed on pasture whicj has not been grazed by other horses for the previous 12 months.

Where this is not possible, pasture which has not been grazed by other horses from January to end of May should be

used and turnout delayed until June. This will help reduce the roundworm challenge to the foal.

Foals aged 1-8 months should themselves be treated with Embotape every 4 weeks.

Any further information requirred on worming please contact our SQP'S Becki or Paul on 01902 372266