Soothe Itch Cream

Soothe Itch Cream


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Maximum strength topical cream

Customer Reviews Just a quick email to say what a fabulous product. I have tried countless creams, gels, sprays etc to relieve my cob of his itching over the last four years and I had almost given up .

I was at Hickstead and happen to come across the Sooth-Itch product and thought would give it a go as a last resort as nothing else has worked previously

and I am so pleased it has worked miracles !! and Pickle is much happier, I have even used it on my own mosquito bites and it has certainly relieved the itch thanks for such a great product. Jacqui - East Sussex

I would like to let you know how great I think your product Sooth Itch is . I have a pony that I have tried everything on the market on to help with his itching

and this is the only thing that has helped him along with keeping him covered up. After I first applied it I found that I didn’t have to re-apply as often as other products I have tried.

This is a fantastic product with amazing results . The pony is far happier and definitely far less “itchy”. E.Thompson  Ingredients:

Lavender Oil - The unique floral-herbaceous aroma make it one of the most important aromatherapy essential oils to support sore and tired muscles.

Tee Tree Oil - Also known as Melaleuca oil - is widely known to soothe skin conditions in horses.

Chamomile Oil - A highly versatile ancient herb with an intriguing aroma, which possesses strong sedative and health properties.

It may also support nervousness, sensitivity, worries and stress and promote relaxation, sleep and a sense of calm and peacefulness for your horse.

Citrepel - This extract of eucalyptus oil has been tested and shown to be safe and soothing to the skin.

 Available in 500gm