Libretto Super Trimmer

Libretto Super Trimmer


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popular pack
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The Libretto Super Trimmer offers three power options to give you the freedom to purchase a trimmer which perfectly compliments your trimming demands and environment.

The Libretto is lightweight and compact for comfort and although designed for trimming, it is powerful enough to do a full clip.

Key Features:

  • Three power supply options, mains, powerpack or vehicle battery

  • Over 4.5 hours trimming time from powerpack

  • Quiet motor for relaxed trimming

  • Snap on washable filter for easy maintenance

  • Available as

  • Popular pack : trimmer, blades, powerpack

  • Yard pack: trimmer, blades, power pack, mains adaptor

  • Deluxe pack: Trimmer, blades, powerpack and liberty clipper