Liberty clippers

Liberty clippers


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popular pack
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field pack
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deluxe pack
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Lister clippers

The Liberty has no air filters to clean making it a very low maintenance clipper.

And with a choice of three power supplies it can be used in any location.

Key Features:

  • Three power supply options, mains, powerpack or vehicle battery

  • 2.5 hours clipping time from powerpack

  • Ventilated head to prevent the blades and head from getting hot and causing discomfort. This technology will also help to keep the hair away from your face

  • Overload switch to protect the motor from damage in the event of a jam

  • No air filters for low maintenance

  • Popular pack - clipper, blades, powerpack

  • Field pack: clipper, blades, powerpack, vechicle battery leads

  • Yard Pack: Clipper, blades, powerpack, main adaptor

  • Deluxe pack : clipper, blades, powerpack, libretto trimmer