Ice Vibe Boots

Ice Vibe Boots


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The Horseware Ice Vibe Boot is an innovation in leg circulation therapy and won the BETA 2012 Innovation Award.

Ice Vibe boots are rechargeable vibrating boots that boost circulation and are designed to help ease soreness and swelling in the leg.

These boots can be used to prepare the legs for exercise (without the cold packs) as well as helping the legs recover afterwards

by using the cold packs to reduce soreness and swelling.  






  • Prepare - Use the Ice Vibe boot with only the vibration pads to prepare for activity

  • Treatment - Ice Vibe can help to improve the realignment of the tendon fibres during the healing process.

  • Cooling on its own only prevents inflamation by resisting blood flow and slowing down the metabolism.

  • Ice Vibe on the other hand uses a combination of cold and vibration to minimise swelling whilst encouraging blood flow and therefore speeding up healing.

  • Repair - The blood supply to the lower limbs of your horse is naturally very poor, vibration stimulates blood flow to the legs, brings nutrients and removes waste, therefore ensuring healthier limbs.

  • Full size only

  • Please refer to the user manual enclosed with the boots for full instruction and safety guide